Selection of Raw Materials

Process 1

Stage 1

We choose the best raw materials to got the best quality also.


Delivery of

Raw Materials

Process 2

Stage 2

The logs stored on clearing to evaporate water that contain in wood. After stored at several times, logs would couriered to sawmill.



Cross Docking

Process 3

Stage 3

When logs arrived, was ready to proceed.

wood processing

Materials Production

Wood Processing

Process 4

Stage 4

At sawmill, logs would cut to be “boards” and mold in molding machine and dried by AD or KD process.


End Process


Process 5

Stage 5

Pack and stuff was the final process before we shipped the cargo to our customer.

Export Quality Wood Working 13

Ready to


Process 6

Our Product had already send to overseas and national demand.


Our company is a manufacturer and trading company, we have flooring production and other woodwoorking production such as laminating and finger joint wood.

SVLK Certified Wood Company Indonesia...

CV Grand Indo Timber will implement its best efforts to avoid trading and sourcing wood from the following categories as a minimum.

  1. Wood from forest where traditional or civil rights are violated.
  2. Forest areas where High Conservation Values (HCV) is threatened.
  3. Wood from genetically modified (GM) trees.
  4. Wood that has been harvested illegally.
  5. Wood harvested from areas which have been converted from natural forest to plantations or for non-forest uses.

We do all we can to ensure that our products are always improving in every respect: trends, ease of installation, durability and more. This passion for innovation also applies to our responsibility towards the environment. We primarily work with Landes pine from sustainably managed and cultivated forests.

We do not waste anything and are virtually self-sufficient in terms of energy expenditure. In effect, 100% of wood materials are used or recycled as part of numerous transformation processes. We supply our wood-fired boilers with our sub-products: tree materials not used for fitting and decoration products are used by the group’s paper subsidiary.

Our Video Documentation

Wood Working Processing Video